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Every Day Is Saturday

Flew away from Göteborg, airport 7 hours Then we met in Málaga, you were shorter than I remembered Went off to tapas bar, saw Picasso, flamenco and some monkeys Gypsy music and the hippies, Hobbiton for low-rent Would we like to live there? Andalusia, fish is still not cheap Babarapa-bapa-bapapa Andalusia, we’re from Switzerland Sleepless nights in Sevilla, he met a girl from the US So did I, but she went away, for him now it’s only Maria Then we took the midnight train, going anywhere Wrong, we went to Barcelona Catalonia, fish is still not cheap Babarapa-bapa-bapapa Catalonia, we’re still from Switzerland Bara-rara Babarapa-bapa-bapapa Ah, ah, ah, ah Babarapa-bapa-bapapa Oh, oh, oh, oh Babarapa-bapa-bapa Bara-rara-rara-ra

Music: Manfred Högström, Julius Z. Strömberg, Lyrics: Julius Z. Strömberg, Manfred Högström, February 2013
Manfred Högström: mandolin, pump organ, percussion, bass, vocals Julius Z. Strömberg: guitar, vocals Recorded by Rasmus Blomqvist at Lindsberg, Falun in June, 2017. Produced by Rasmus Blomqvist and Dofhiort'n. Photo by Nils Alatalo. Design by Manfred Högström. © Fult Med Flit 2017